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We are a boutique tour operator based in Morocco, specialized in Private Tours all around Morocco. We offer tailor-made tour packages, day trips, city tours & excursions, shore excursions, local experiences and few small groups programs. Our local travel experts team will be delighted to customize your personal tour... Morocco is a gateway to Africa, and a country of dizzying diversity. Here you'll find epic mountain Ranges, ancient cities, sweeping deserts and warm hospitality.
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Let Us Guide You Through the Vibrant Landscapes of Morocco

Morocco is a gateway to Africa, and a country of dizzying diversity. Here you’ll find epic mountain Ranges, ancient cities, sweeping deserts and warm hospitality.

Mountains & Desert

From Saharan dunes to the peaks of the High Atlas, Morocco could have been tailor-made for travellers Lyrical landscapes carpet this slice of North Africa like the richly colored and patterned rugs you’ll lust after in local cooperatives. The mountains-not just the famous High Atlas but also The Rif an suntanned ranges leading to Saharan oases offer simple, breathtaking, pleasures: Night skies glistening in the thin air, and views over a fluffy cloudban from Tizin’Test pass. On lower ground, there are rugged coastlines, waterfalls and caves in frosted hills, and the mighty desert.

Ancient Medinas:

Morocco’s citiesare some the Most exciting on the continent. Join the centuries old trail of nomads and traders to their ancient hearts, from the weding medina maze of Fez to the carnivalisques street theatre of the Djamaael-Fna in Marrakech. In the rocky Deserts of Medinas are protected by Kasbahs, or the coast by thick sea walls, but is not just a heritage trip, as Morocco’s cities are forward-facing too with glitzy new urban design in Casablanca, Rabat &Tanger looking the the future as well as paying homage to their roots.

Moroccan Activities

Enjoying Morocco starts with nothing morestrenuous than its national pastime -people-watching in a street cafe with a coffee or amint tea Use the opportunity to plan yournext moves hiking up North Africa’s high-est peak, learning to roll couscous, cameltrekking in the desert, shopping in the souqsor getting lost in the medina. Between theactivities, you can sleep in boutique riads relax on panoramic terraces and grandsquares, and mop up delicately flavouredtajines – before sweating it all out in a restorative hammam

Traditional Life

Morocco is a storied country,that has overthe centuries woven its ties to Sub-Saharan Africa Europe and the wider Middle Eastinto whole cloth. Its mixed Arab and Berberpopulation forms a strong national identity but an increasingly youthful one, takingthe best of its traditions and weaving thepattern anew- from the countryside tothe city, from the call to prayer from themosque to the beat of local hip hop. Mo-rocco has a hundred faces and sounds, already to welcome the traveller looking forspice and adventure

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